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Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Zion UCC Preschool Program. We are proud to offer a well-rounded program that provides the children with a loving, secure, Christian environment that revolves around learning, playing, and discovering.

Mt. Zion Preschool’s Statement of Purpose

Mt. Zion United Church of Christ Weekday Preschool will provide for its young students a wholesome living and learning experience. A well-trained and dedicated staff will offer an educational experience structured to meet the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs of young children. A well-planned but informal, flexible program will be offered to meet individual and group needs.

The children will be encouraged to help themselves and to think for themselves. They will also be encouraged to assume some responsibility for their own behavior. We will try to inspire creativity. We utilize positive reinforcement as our behavior system.

There will be no particular religious doctrine taught in our school, but wholesome attitudes toward each other will be taught. The children will be encouraged to grow in their awareness of God and the place they are to take in God's world. Bible stories will be used in the class to teach Christian ideas and values. The children will be working and playing under the guidance of Christian leadership.


Hours of Operation Monthly Tuition (9 months)

Non-Church Member Church Member

Arrival 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM Two-Year Old Program $130.00 $125.00

Departure 11:45 AM to 12:00 PM (2 and 3 Year Old Classes) Three-Year Old Program $150.00 $145.00

12:00 PM to 12:10 PM (4 Year Old Classes) Four-Year Old Program $175.00 $170.00

Our Two-Year Old Program is two days a week operating Tuesday/Wednesday and Thursday/Friday.

Our Three-Year Old Program is three days operating Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Our Four-Year Old Program is four days operating Tuesday through Friday.

Non-Members of Mt. Zion with two or more children in any of the above programs will receive $5.00 discount per child on monthly fees.

Payment for the entire year will qualify for a 5% discount.

Registration/ Supply Fee - $100.00 for each child (non-refundable).

Registration for current students only, their siblings and Mt. Zion Church Members begins in January. Following this time, children on the list will be contacted in the order their names were received. You will be informed as a position becomes available. To be eligible for any of these classes, your child must be the appropriate age (2, 3, or 4) by August 31st
of that school year.

Current Preschool Teachers – Candace Bills, Kayla Rogers, Sierra Shue, Kristen Sherrill, Starr Atwell, Tonya Cantrell, Ann Marie Jacaruso

Current Preschool Assistants – Amber Belandria, Meredith Corriher, Joyce Eller, Amanda Kyle, Cynthia James, Robin McLaughlin,

Preschool Director - Emily Bancroft
**Please note that we do require all immunizations recommended by the Center for Disease Control. This does NOT include Covid vaccine. Medical and religious exemptions will not be honored. A copy of your child’s records will be needed at the beginning of the school year.

Program Activities

Your child’s preschool day will include a variety of activities: an art activity, playtime, work time, snack time and
circle time. Our program also includes:
- Bible Stories, prayers and religious songs - Alphabet introduction including phonics
- Numbers, counting and manipulative activities - Color and shape recognition
- Science and nature awareness - Manners and socialization skills
- Health, good habits and taking care of our bodies - Handwriting (4-Year Old Class)
- Art activities including painting, coloring, drawing, cutting, etc.

Thank you for considering Mt. Zion's Preschool Program for your child.